Black History Month Highlight: Brandon Middleton

We’re continuing in our next installment of interviews to highlight some of the awesome talent Einhorn’s Epic Productions has worked with for Black History Month.

Today, we’re interviewing Brandon Middleton, who plays Cole Parker on Daughters of DC. Unlike his sister Jaymes, Cole is a charming, athletic lacrosse player. He’s a confident code-switcher who knows how to own a room and how to make everyone around him feel respected. Read below to dive more into details about himself and the character he plays in this exclusive interview between Brandon and EEP. (And spoiler warning, if you aren’t caught up!)

Stay tuned for more blog highlights for Black History month, and in the meantime listen to the political drama of Daughters of DC – all 12 episodes of the podcast are available now for free!

Brandon Middleton plays Cole Parker in Daughters of DC.

Einhorn’s Epic Productions: What does Black History Month mean to you?

Brandon Middleton: Black History Month, to me, means a time when we can look back at some of the great black pioneers who have paved the way with their sacrifice. It’s also time for us to celebrate them and our heritage and focus on continuing, as a race, to make a positive impact on the world and the generations to come.

EEP: Did you have a favorite scene or episode?

BM: Yes! The scene where Cole and Jaymes are riding to the party together and Cole is encouraging his sister to step out of her box and reach out to her friends. I just thought it was a really good moment showcasing his love for his sister and showing who Cole really was as a person.

EEP: Who is your favorite voice actor of color?

BM: Dave Fennoy!

EEP: What do you think the future holds for Cole?

BM: Cole is definitely running for president in the future. He seems to have a way of winning people over.

EEP: How vital is it to have diverse voices in audio drama/podcasting?

BM: It’s extremely important to have diverse voices in talent in ALL industries but especially in this one because we focus on story telling and sharing experiences. Many times these stories serve as an avenue for others to be exposed to someone else’s stories and experiences. Exposure helps so much with understanding and education. I think people having a variety of cultural exposures early can only have a positive effect on the world.

“I think people having a variety of cultural exposures early can only have a positive effect on the world.”