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EEP Universe is the home to your story. We build new worlds of heroic fiction across today’s – and tomorrow’s – platforms, with stories and characters that speak to a new generation of fans. If you’ve been searching for “your” hero story, you’ll find it here.

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Back to School with EEP

Self discovery and advocacy is a lifelong class, and Gen Z has been flexing the knowledge they’ve gained so far....

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Introducing The House of Slay

“Alone, each of you can be broken. But together, you make a radiant fist.” HOUSE OF SLAY is an inclusive space...

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iHeartRadio Creator Mondays with Heather Einhorn

Join EEP-Co founder and podcast aficionado (Executive Producer of Lethal Lit, Daughters of DC, and See You in Your Nightmares)Heather...

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EEP’s Gen-Z Heroes List 

Our mission is to bring to life stories that speak to a new generation of fans. We aspire to create...

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90s Rewind with Nicki Fix

Turn back the clock with a totally epic sci-fi audio adventure as episode 1 and 2 of Nicki Fix’sTime Mix...

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Find your anthem this summer with EEP’s playlists.

EEP’s stories and characters inspire hope and courage to stand up for what’s right and fair for all people -...

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EEP Celebrates Pride Month

EEP’s mission of inclusion and representation in media means that creating heroic characters from every walk of life is in...

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EEP Supports the Next Generation of Artists

It’s National Volunteer Week!  EEP is always mindful of the importance of community outreach and how we can make a difference...

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