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Free Hexel - Finally Free (Official Music Video)

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A high school band finds their new lead singer when they free a magical, musically-powered girl from an interdimensional portal. Now, in a world ruled by the Volume Prime Corporation, they must fight their way to the top of the Volume Prime battle-of-the-bands league to bring their message of freedom and individuality to the world.

Music Videos

Free Hexel - Show My Light (Official Music Video)

Free Hexel - Show My Light (Official Music Video)

Free Hexel - Who I Was Before (Official Music Video)

Free Hexel - Who I Was Before (Official Music Video)

Free Hexel - Crazy Life (Official Music Video)

Free Hexel - Crazy Life (Official Music Video)

First Crush - Free Hexel (Official Music Video)

First Crush - Free Hexel (Official Music Video)

Free Hexel - Ready (Official Music Video)

Free Hexel - Ready (Official Music Video)

Free Hexel - Finally Free (Official Music Video)

Free Hexel - Finally Free (Official Music Video)

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We want to hear from our fans! What’s your favorite FREE HEXEL song? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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brings the magic not just in her catchy tunes, but also in her comic strip that can be found on webtoons. Be apart of her adventures

#freehexel #webtoons #music #cartoon #kpop

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Did you enjoy COACHELLA? Show us your best coachella outfits! If you missed the festival, no worries! Raid the closet and show us your best FREE HEXEL concert outfit! #coachella2022 #coachella #coachellamusic #coachellafashion #freehexel #coachellaoutfit ...

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Release your inner diva! What is your favorite FREE HEXEL song to karaoke to? #freehexel #music #diva #karaoke ...

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If you haven't downloaded webtoons to read FREE HEXEL yet, now is the time to read about how this superstar transformed to the idol we all came to love! #freehexel #popstar #music (

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You know that feeling when your heart rate is up in a flutter because a cutie walked by? Hexel's got you covered this Valentine's day! Dance to Free Hexel's KPOP hit single, Crush, to capture the romance.

#freehexel #crush #valentinesday

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As we start the new year, it's time to journey into a new adventure. Stay tuned this year for FREE HEXEL! What do you think is behind the door?!

#freehexel #newyear #music #newadventure

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Stream top hits!✨There are 5️⃣ singles waiting for you on Spotify that demand your eardrums this winter break! Grab some hot chocolate and Stream Free Hexel! 😘 ❄️

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FREE HEXEL is having an exclusive sale, get 15% off from 11/24 - 11/30 until midnight. Remember to use code HEXEL at checkout! Rock out in some stylish merch this winter season.

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You guys!!! 🥰 What an amazing present before I go in my trip. Thank you everyone for blowing up Who I Was Before with over 150,000 streams on Spotify! ❤️ ...

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I’m now featured on! 🥰❤️ Thanks so much for including me! ...

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Miss me yet? Don’t have to! Stream Free Hexel on @spotify 💞 ...

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New music!! I’m FINALLY FREE. But will it come at a price? This journey may be coming to a close but it’s truly only the beginning. ...

329 7

Just because Sonic Showdown didn’t work in our favor doesn’t mean our lives haven’t changed for the better. Stream Finally Free using link in our bio! ...

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WE HAVE AN UPSET (for Sena only 😈) Shocking update from the Sonic Showdown stage! Finalist SENA has disappeared, bailing on her much-anticipated duel with Bobbi Rios! Fans who had gathered expecting a battle for the ages were instead left at the altar by Sena, whose management offered no warning or explanation for her absence. 

By default Bobbi Rios is the winner, crowned champion of SONIC SHOWDOWN 2021, and will be entered in the VOLUME PRIME WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held at the end of the year!  Congrats Bobbi! Truly!

94 3

Scandal. But what's new? As usual, Sena just simply doing the most. UGH. #SonicShowdown #VolumePrime ...

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You cannot go to #VolumePrime without representing! Get your Free Hexel merch today! Head to our site and get them all. ...

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America’s Sweetheart vs the Big Bad Wolf of Europe! Who will come out victorious? We’ve loved Bobbi’s new latin pop vibes as she’s broken out as a solo artist. But how will it match up against Red Hood and the Wolves Europop beats? ...

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