Back to School with EEP

Self discovery and advocacy is a lifelong class, and Gen Z has been flexing the knowledge they’ve gained so far. These young leaders continue to show up and mobilize for reform. Groups like Gen Z for Change are leaving a legacy through their volunteer work, fundraising and education resources. They are tackling the hard conversations and challenging systemic norms like the stripping of abortion access, climate injustice, gun safety and so much more.

These real life high schoolers prove that everyone can be the hero in their own story, and when you speak up progress can happen. Their optimism and drive inspires us to continue to create and tell the stories of inspiring heroes.

Escape into a universe of epic heroics where the heroines balance books and classes while taking on those who abuse their power.

Dupont Prep

The high-stakes cost of being the child of DC power player continues to rise. Jaymes, Peyton, Natalie and Celia were best friends in middle school, but will their parents’ allegiances shake their inseparable bond?

The political intrigue is too great to resist in Daughters of DC. Rediscover season 1.

Hollow Falls High School

Life in Hollow Falls was weird long before Tig Torres came back to town. So many secrets continue to be buried, but Tig and her friends Max and Wyn stay committed to the journalistic hunt despite the rising stakes.

Join Tig and her friends as they work to solve the mystery of the Lit Killer. Stream season 1 and 2 of Lethal Lit or read Lethal Lit Volume 1: Murder of Crows.

Plainfield High School

After school band practice, is the highlight of the day for Mac, Krista, Dustin and Georgia, but you’d think the same if you discovered a secret portal and freed a magical, musically-powered girl who’s only memory is her name, Hexel. With their new lead singer, the band is ready to soar to the top of the charts. But Hexel’s hidden past puts them at odds with the all-powerful Prime Corporation.

Band practice starts now! Discover Free Hexel.

Edmonds University

The drama doesn’t stop in high school. The secret society of covert STEM scientists of The Curie Society know that knowledge is power. If college wasn’t challenging enough, these young female scientists are tackling the books by day and international missions at night to ensure that the quest for continued scientific knowledge isn’t lost.

Take the oath and become a member of The Curie Society.

If you want to be a hero in your own story, join Gen Z for Change to learn how to organize in your school.

Take the oath and become a member of The Curie Society. you want to be a hero in your own story, join Gen Z for Changeto learn how to organize in your school.