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About Daughters of DC

At Washington DC’s most elite prep school, Jaymes – the tech-savvy daughter of the Speaker of The House – and her best friends Peyton, Natalie, and Celia share their deepest secrets on a private app called DODC. When the girls are hacked by a mysterious figure, they’re thrust into a global conspiracy that threatens to expose DC’s most influential families. Join the Daughters Of DC in an original scripted teen political thriller podcast by Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio (“Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery”). 


Jaymes Parker

Daughter of the first black woman voted Speaker of the House, SPEAKER ANGELA PARKER. A tech-savvy young coder, Jaymes creates the DODC app for all of her friends to secretly keep in touch. But as the other girls have gone on to find new friends in high school, Jaymes hasn’t had such an easy time, instead retreating further and further into her digital world.

Natalie Rosenberg 

The daughter of staunch leftist CONGRESSMAN ROSENBERG. An activist herself, she’s a bold, impulsive, and outspoken young progressive, unafraid to make her voice heard. But her resolute commitment to her causes translates into stubborn entrenchment when dealing with her Dad, and they’re constantly battling one another. She has a compulsive rebellious streak and is determined to enjoy her high school years as much as possible. 

Peyton Blackburn 

Peyton is the daughter of a grand political dynasty; her family is full of third-generation politicians, including her father, SENATOR BUCK BLACKBURN. Dupont Prep is a playground for a wealthy, connected, pretty young socialite like Peyton. But home life is not so easy — being part of such a high-profile dynasty comes with a lot of traditional expectations surrounding the role of women in the family, and Peyton’s learning that she’s got a mind of her own. 

Celia Liu

A Queen Bee and #RichKidsofInstagram social media influencer, she’s been taught by her wealthy and influential lobbyist parents to always be looking for a path to success and independence, no matter who she has to step on to get there. Impeccably dressed, Celia has a cadre of shark-in-the-making clones following her around Dupont. With her parents’ gaze focused elsewhere, Celia strives to stand on her own two feet… but can she really make it on her own?


Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio Present: Daughters of DC

Created and Executive Produced by Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni

Head Writer: Sasha Stewart
Senior Writer: Louis Kornfeld
Writers: Tyler English-Beckwith, Charu Sinha, and Adam Staffaroni
Directed by JB Blanc

Executive Produced by: iHeartRadio
Produced by: Aroop Sanakkayala

With Performances by:
Kimberly Woods as Jaymes Parker
Melissa van der Schyff as Peyton Blackburn
Thalia Romina as Natalie Rosenberg
Suzie Yeung as Celia Liu

Ogie Banks
Kay Bess
Vic Chao
Feodor Chin
Darin DePaul
Paul Guyet
Yuri Lowenthal
Brandon Middleton
Stephanie Sheh
Richard Tatum
Jeannie Tirado
Andia Winslow
Marshall York
Dave Fennoy
Shelly Shenoy
With Franchesca Ramsey
And JB Blanc

Development Executive: Greg Lockard
Production Manager: Gayle Artino
Production Coordinator & Script Supervisor: Laura Martin

Creative Direction and Design by Ryan McCann

Key Art illustrated by ​Heather Danforth

Casting by: Dawn Mjoen
Record and Edit – Pomann Sound
Recording Engineer – Diana David
Additional Recordings – Claudio Santos
Additional Recordings – Michael Schneider
Sound Supervision – Christian Dwiggins
Sound Designers – R.D. White & Josh Mellody
Original Music – Josh Mellody
Additional Music from Jingle Punks

Consultant – Kelsey Fraser, MSW
Culture Consultants – Logan Davis and Casey Davis, & Davis Family

Special Thank You To The Shadow Unicorn

Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio Present: Daughters of DC

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Looking for a story to binge over the #4thofjuly weekend? Look no further! We’re here with your next podcast: an original scripted political thriller. ❤️

Dive into Daughters of DC today, as Jaymes and her friends are thrust into a global conspiracy that threatens to expose D.C’s most influential families. The whole first season is available today for free, wherever you get your podcasts! Check out the link in our bio for all the listening options. ✨🎧🎶

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Looking for a podcast with a vital message for your kiddos that will have them captivated and begging for more? The DODC podcast is Family Approved for ages 10 and up! 💜Link in bio to listen now. ...

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Go back to the Beautillion where the the night really is about family but Lockesmith is sending Jaymes on a vastly different path as the Daughters mix it up with the D.C. elite. Revisit episode 5 of #DODCpodcast. ...

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We are thrilled to honor the diversity and exceptional work of our amazing #DODCPodcast voice actors this #BlackHistoryMonth (and beyond, really) starting with our very own 'Jaymes' voiced by self-proclaimed "blerd", Kimberly Woods. Head to the NEWS tab in our EEP blog at eepuniverse.com to read this incredible Q&A. ...

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It’s all crashing down. I blabbed about the school break in, Onyx now knows about Lockesmith too which means now he knows my name. Catch up with Daughters of DC, binge now to catch up. And stay on 🔝 of all things EEP for #boco coming soon! Listen with link in bio #DODCpodcast ...

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” - MLK

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When we last connected—Jaymes was battling Twitter now Natalie’s protest also goes viral and trolls are swarming. They should be freaking out, but Natalie’s all, “Bring it on, bros.” Episode 3 is locked and loaded. Click the link in our bio to join the fight. ...

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Slack is down, but Jaymes and Lockesmith are busy jamming everyone’s favorite platform. Episode 3 of #DODCPodcast pits our favorite daughter against Twitter.

Plug in now: https://smarturl.it/DODCPodcast/applepodcasts

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The truth may find the Daughters before they’re ready to confront it. Listen to episode 2: Breaking and Entering as they dive deeper into unlocking the secrets being withheld.

LISTEN: smarturl.it/DODCPodcast

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It all started out so innocently...and now we may have to just change the world...get into #DODCPodcast and use the holiday to binge your new favorite podcast.

🎧 smarturl.it/DODCPodcast

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It's time to go back! The Daughters still have stories to tell and mysteries to solve. Revisit the "Daughters Of DC" on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio or wherever you get your audio dramas. Stay tuned for bonus content from the makers of #DODCPodcast
Listen: smarturl.it/DODCPodcast

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So exciting, the thrilling final episode of #DODCpodcast is here! The mystery comes to a thrilling conclusion for the Daughters. Lock in! Plus: listen for the hit single “Deliverance” by @CHVRCHES ‼️

Click the link in the bio to 🎧

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So remember how we were going to save democracy with the pitch perfect plan we came up with in a single night? Well...

The finale is here. Listen using the link in my bio.

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So, we weren't doing so hot back at The Vaults, and the hearing was less than 24 hours away…

The two-part #DODCPodcast finale is here. Use the link in our bio to listen.

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