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About Lethal Lit

A teen detective returns to her small hometown where her Aunt was framed 10 years before as a serial killer, determined to use her true-crime podcast to help clear her Aunt’s name. Butas she digs up new evidence, the killings, each staged after a murder from classic literature, begin all over again… with her as the final target.

After the events of Season 1, Tig, Wyn, and Max continue the Lethal Lit podcast, digging into the aftermath of the Lit Killer’s capture and the hunt for his protégé, Oly Price…


Tig Torres
Strong, independent, and almost foolishly brave. She’s brought her city smarts from New York to the small town of Hollow Falls, and is determined to follow in the footsteps of her Aunt Beth, an investigative reporter. Her stubbornness won’t let her believe the town’s narrative that her Aunt was the infamous Lit Killer, and she’ll do anything to prove them wrong.

Oly Price
The editor of The Talon, Hollow Falls High’s school paper. Charming, with an easy smile and caring attitude. He helps to uncover the mystery of what really happened to Tig’s Aunt.

Wyn Abbott
A little rough around the edges, but deep down has a good heart – it’s just buried under a lot of layers of flannel and dark eyeliner. Her deadpan one-liners and morose outlook has won the heart of her polar opposite, Max, and they’ve been best friends since they learned how to write.

Max Weinman
As the heart of the group, he bolsters the team with humor. When tested, his true colors show that he’s one of the bravest of them all, although the latest string of murders may leave lasting scars on his upbeat attitude…

Ella Highsmith
Privileged, snarky, and completely in over her head. The daughter of Hollow Falls’ Mayor, she convinces her swarm of social media followers that Tig is behind the new killings and the death of her quarterback boyfriend, Tony Del Canto.




Performances By: Rebecca Soler (Tig Torres), JB Blanc (Jake Lehane/Sam Steiner/Principal Block/Mayor Highsmith/Various), Matt Gumley (Max Weinman/Tony Del Canto), Paul Guyet (Harry Levinson), Jennifer Jiles (Laura Carver/Sarah Park/Various), Rachel Oremland (Ella Highsmith), Alba Ponce de Leon (Beth Torres/Sofia Torres), Shelly Shenoy (Wyn Abbott), Luke Slattery (Oly Price) and Gayle Artino (Various).

Created & Executive Produced By: Heather Einhorn & Adam Staffaroni. Written, Created, & Executive Produced By: Alex Segura & Monica Gallagher, Directed By: JB Blanc, Produced By: Aroop Sanakkayala, Chris Peterson, & Sandy Smallens. Art By: Rebecca Mock, Creative Direction & Design By: Ryan McCann.

Post Production Supervisor & Mixer: Michael Sinterniklaas, Recording Engineer & Dialogue Editor: Michael Schneider, Sound Designer: Justin Kohler, Composer: Jared Faber, Creative Consultant: Monique Chavez, Studio Manager Clark Cheng, Production Coordination: Gayle Artino & Laura Martin, Production Assistants: Rachel Slotky & Francesca Calo. Recorded at NYAV Post in New York City.

Featuring the songs “Jupiter” performed by Donna Missal – Courtesy of Harvest Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises, and “Guardian Alien” Performed By Dana Williams, Written By Dana Williams (SESAC) and Aaron Pfenning (SESAC) – Courtesy of The Royalty Network, Inc. on behalf of Smiggs Songs (ASCAP), Cactus Palace (SESAC) and Dana Williams

Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery is a production by EINHORN’S EPIC PRODUCTIONS for iHeartRADIO.


Into The Past

Into The Past Season 01 / Episode 01

The Lit Killer murders gripped the small town of Hollow Falls a decade ago. My aunt, Beth Torres, was framed as the infamous serial killer who based their murders on scenes from classic literature. Now, I’m back at Hollow Falls High. The mission of this podcast is simple. To uncover the truth. To clear my aunt’s name. Or die trying. I’m Tig Torres and this is Lethal Lit.

A Dark Obsession

A Dark Obsession Season 01 / Episode 02

The Lit Killer is back and it’s all my fault. What’s my connection to this monster?

Deadly Rage

Deadly Rage Season 01 / Episode 03

Things have gone from bad to worse. The Lit Killer is out for blood. Where do we go from here?

A Matter of Life & Death

A Matter of Life & Death Season 01 / Episode 04

Our list of friends keeps getting shorter and shorter. Who’s going to help us if the cops can’t?

The Hollow Truth

The Hollow Truth Season 01 / Episode 05

I know who the Lit Killer is.

The Crossing

The Crossing Season 01 / Episode 6

The terrible truth is out. The Lit Killer stands revealed.  This is how our story ends.

Official Trailer

Official Trailer Season 01 / Episode 00

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