EEP New Year & New Opportunity

Hello, EEP Family!

It’s been an exciting year for the EEP Team. In 2021, we had the opportunity to collaborate and produce some amazing projects, that we hold close to our hearts. 

We start out 2022 with Season 2 of Lethal lit. A much-anticipated sequel to the Season 1 that debuted in October 2018. Listeners get to follow teen detective Tig Torres as she solves one of her hardest mysteries yet, starting on February 9th. Also, on February 2nd Author K. Ancrum novel Lethal Lit: Murder of Crows will be released on Scholastic.


Free Hexel

Free Hexel released two New Singles!

“First Crush” Released in January 

Second “Ready” in March 2021

The Curie Society

Made it’s debut

EEP’s first graphic youth novel about the fantastical secret society founded by Marie Curie to support women in STEM. Also, to help educators bring the science to classroom. EEP released education materials to help bring the graphic novel to life.

The Curie Society Reviews

The Curie Society Educator’s Guide

See You in Your Nightmares

Introducing the latest EEP podcast slate, a new scripted horror.

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See You in Your Nightmares is topping the charts

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House of Slay

Five prominent members of New York fashion world – Philip Liam, Prabal Gurung, Laura Kim, Tina Leung, and Ezra J. William created an amazing fashion line and with help of EEP released a digital, which can be read on TAPAS, is the first of many manifestations of the HOUSE OF SLAY. This comic is filled with the heroic representation we all wanted to see growing up. The characters will take on social issues, racism, and hatred, not only in the AAPI community, but the misrepresented as a whole. Members of the HOUSE OF SLAY vow to use their powers to promote love and hope for humankind.

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We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!


EEP Team