Introducing The House of Slay

“Alone, each of you can be broken. But together, you make a radiant fist.”

HOUSE OF SLAY is an inclusive space for underrepresented voices from all walks of life. It is a place where you are visible, heard, and validated.

Five prominent members of the New York fashion world—Phillip Lim, Prabal Gurung, Laura Kim, Tina Leung, and Ezra J. William—are granted incredible powers by a mysterious Phoenix deity. Together, these friends and heroes form the HOUSE OF SLAY, vowing to use their newfound powers to promote love and hope for humankind. All who wish to join them in their fight against evil and hate are welcome in the House of Slay!

A digital comic series, which can be read on TAPAS, is the first of many manifestations of the HOUSE OF SLAY. This comic is filled with the heroic representation we all wanted to see growing up. The characters will take on social issues, racism, and hatred, not only in the AAPI community, but the misrepresented as a whole. Members of the HOUSE OF SLAY vow to use their powers to promote love and hope for humankind.

This is only the beginning! Stay tuned for more superheroic updates as HOUSE OF SLAY smashes into the headlines of fashion.  The House of Slay is featured in both Vogue and the New York Times! Be sure to check it out for behind the scenes of how the comic was created and more.

The House of Slay, as featured in New York Times.

HOUSE OF SLAY, Issue #1 is made possible by our incredibly talented and dedicated team:

FEATURED COVER ART: Kevin Wada (@kevinwada)

WRITER: Jeremy Holt (@jeremyholtbooks)

ART: Soo Lee (@sooleedraws)

COLORS: Kimi Lee (@sun.vitamin)

LETTERS: AndWorld Design (@andworlddesign)

EDITOR: Alex Lu (@waxenwings)

PRODUCERS: Heather Einhorn (@heathereinhorn) & Adam Staffaroni (@adamstaffaroni)

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Einhorn’s Epic Productions (EEP @eintropolis)

PARTNER: XRM Media (@xrmmedia)