Praise for Lethal Lit

Hey Lethal Listeners! 

Thank you for being with us in our amazing journey as we produced our second season of Lethal Lit and published accompanying novel Murder of Crows. We are glad to have so many amazing fans standing behind us as we reach milestones such as our first second season of a podcast and our first podcast with an accompanying novel. We could not have done it without you and we appreciate you! 

Did you miss out on the mysteries of Lethal Lit? Check out what some of our fans had to say!

“The writing is savvy, the nods to genre are droll and the cliffhangers — don’t go into the abandoned amusement park, Tig! — just about unbearable.” 

— New York Times

“Boasts high production values, solid performances, and the kind of snap-crackle writing that can turn a show for made teens into the best kind of adult guilty pleasure.”

 — Vulture 

“Alice Isn’t Dead meets Serial with a little bit of CW-esque flair thrown in for fun.” 

— Fast Riot

“The world is gifting us a modern reimagining of Nancy Drew by way of a bookish new podcast.” 

— Book Riot

From the Fans!

“Lethal Lit features some great characters and feels like a combo of Veronica Mars and the Scream movies. It’s so much fun and makes great use of the audio medium” 

— D-Richards13

“Wow! Everything about this podcast is spot on. Amazing acting and production quality! At times I forgot this was fiction.” 

— Potato Chip Sandwich Eater

“The characters were really fun and interesting, this was the first podcast I ever downloaded where I listened to the whole thing.” 

— Josh A. Hazard

“I love this podcast. It’s probably my favorite in a very long time. The performances are amazing and the production value is incredible. I’m hooked” 

— chrissyvarley

“As a literature major and true crime fan this has to be my favorite podcast I’ve listened to! I listened to it all in one sitting because it was that good!” 

— Rh33768845

“This is so addicting! Listened to this on my run today and ran two extra miles so I could finish off the episode. Tig Torres, you’re my hero!

— i_p_far

“… murder of crows follows tig torres as she delves deeper into the mysteries in her town of hollow falls and discovers just how much corruption is hiding in plain sight… this was just as fast paced and compelling as the podcast itself and would be a perfect recommendation for YA readers looking to get into a literary murder mystery.”

— Colby, GoodReads

“This was a fantastic & FUN little detective romp & Ahhh I am SO for LGBTQIA+ rep & LETHAL LIT—killers based on literature? Um what could make a freaking true crime podcast owning MC based novel cooler?! NOTHING!”

— Books in Books For Life

“…What better introduction to teenage investigators who solve a complex series of murder, past and present. The teens use the newspaper archives, on microfilm, explore older books and maps, and follow clues to find out just what Founders Day has to do with Murder of Crows…”

— BookLoft of German Village (Columbus, OH)

“Teen sleuth Tig Torres of the popular Lethal Lit podcast returns to Hollow Falls, where another deadly mystery awaits.

— Kirkus Reviews

“The first book in the series is helmed by K. Ancrum who uses her prowess in YA storytelling to give this series opener a literarily observant eye.”

— Porshea, StoryGraph Review

“Lethal Lit listeners will love MURDER OF CROWS. Ancrum weaves an exciting new mystery in Hollow Falls and provides a gasp-inducing background to a favorite side character.”

— Samantha Randolf, YAbookscentral Review