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About The Curie Society

In 1903, Marie Curie founded a clandestine society where brilliant women could pursue the furthest reaches of their intellect. The Curie Society still covertly exists today in secret chapters at dozens of universities worldwide!

When Simone, Maya, and Taj arrive at Edmonds University, they think they’re simply starting their coursework, but after a strange night of puzzles and coded communications, they are introduced to The Curie Society. Almost immediately, they are deployed on their first urgent mission! A mysterious criminal network has stolen research data from a top-secret Curie de-extinction lab, and if no one intervenes, it will soon be sold to some of the world’s worst elements.

These new recruits will have to use all their specialized scientific skills to protect the Curie Society and save the world – or their first mission may be their last!

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Biology and life science wunderkind, 15-year-old Simone may be the youngest recruit, but that’s never stopped her from tackling any challenge. While she may come across as shy, Simone is a brave and loyal friend to her Curie team. Her energy and quick thinking are second to none during the most dangerous missions.

As the Curie Society’s globe-trotting math genius, Maya loves being in the center of the action and strives to execute at the highest possible level. Fashionable, bright, and driven to achieve, she gets the team out of the stickiest situations with her charm and razor-sharp intellect.

Always moving to her own rhythm, Taj brings a unique perspective to the Curie Society along with her mastery of technology. Creative and rebellious, Taj is equally at ease on stage or in her coding cave, finding patterns and innovative solutions to the Society’s most complex and dangerous problems.

Created by Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni

Janet Harvey – Writer
Sonia Liao – Artist
Johanna Taylor – Colorist
Morgan Martinez – Letterer

Editor: Joan Hilty
Editorial Assistant: Laura Martin
Produced By: Einhorn’s Epic Productions
Book Production: Pageturner Graphic Novels
Book Producer & Designer: Pete Friedrich
Science Consulting by Massive Science
Art Assistant, Portrait and Blueprint Illustrations: Annette Fan-Zhu
CSHQ Historical Illustration: Pia Guerra
Additional Lettering: Deron Bennett
Creative Director: Ryan McCann
MIT Press Production Editor: Liz Agresta
MIT Press Production Manager: Janet Rossi

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Julia Robninson was a mathematician noted for her contributions to the fields of computability theory and computational complexity theory—most notably in decision problems. Her work on Hilbert's tenth problem played a crucial role in its ultimate resolution. Happy Birthday Julia Robinson, thank you for your contributions to mathematics!


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The Curie Society is having an exclusive 10% sale starting at midnight 11/24 - 11/30. Remember to use code ASTRA10 at checkout!

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Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Dr. Kamal Ranadive, who was an Indian biomedical researcher who is known for her research in cancer about the links between cancers and viruses. She was a founding member of the Indian Women Scientists' Association. #kamalranadive #biomedical #research #womenofstem #google ...

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Wishing our founder Marie Curie a belated birthday! #belatedbirthday #mariecurie #womenofstem ...

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Watch the full S.T.E.A.M. Race to Space Reading Challenge, with The Curie Society's Co-creators Heather Einhorrn and Adam Staffaroni on the link below.

Interview starts at time slot 31:09

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Tune in Friday, October 22nd at For the S.T.E.A.M. Race to Space Reading Challenge, with The Curie Society's Co-creators Heather Einhorrn and Adam Staffaroni. Get ready to shoot for the stars! ⭐ ...

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Marie Curie once said " "I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.", it's important to know that there is endless opportunities in the world of science for discovery and advancement . #discover #learn #pushbeyondourlimits #womenofstem #stem ...

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As scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, our minds are always trying to decipher data. For example, optical illusions occur when our brain is trying to interpret what we see and make sense of the world around us. But these images that our brain creates may or may not be real...
Check out some of these optic illusions - What do *you* see?

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Do you love to investigate and question how things work? Are you always trying to experiment with new ideas? You might be the perfect candidate to join The Curie Society! Head over to our shop page to get your hands on some merch to show your Curie pride. 🔭

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The famous yellow rubber ducky, it's not just for bath time fun! Did you know that scientists used these playful toys to conduct experiments? Check out SciShow link below. Maybe you can come up with some wicked experiments with this lovable toy. *squeak *squeak 🦆

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Michiyo Tsujimura was a Japanese agricultural scientist whose research focused on the components of green tea. She was the first woman in Japan to receive a doctoral degree in agriculture. Happy Birthday Michiyo Tsujimura, and thank you for your contributions to science! Learn more about her work in today's Google Doodle. 🔬🍵❤️ ...

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One of the latest scientific finds is using recovered DNA to "genetically resurrect" an extinct species — “De-extinction!” Can you imagine if we could bring back wooly mammoths after thousands of years? If you didn’t get enough details from Curie Society’s own Dr. Guo, you can learn more from this latest NPR article by Scott Neuman:

#science #extinct #DNA #mammoths #extinction

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It's time to bring The Curie Society science to life, right in your own home or classroom. Download are special Educator's Guide and follow along as we put on our lab coats and unlock the secrets within.

Download Here -

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Meet Maya the fashion forward math genius of the Curie Society ...

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September is upon us and it's almost time to head back to school! Grab your favorite note pad and pen to start of the school year right in style, just like Maya.

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Caption This Edition: Marie Curie having a conversation with Albert Einstein. What do you think they were talking about? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Esther Lederberg was a microbiologist and pioneer of bacterial genetics. The lambda phage is a key tool in molecular biology, it has proven particularly helpful in understanding the transfer of genetic material between bacteria, the mechanisms involved in gene regulation and how pieces of DNA break apart and recombine to make new genes.

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Get to know the Curie Society recruits! Meet TAJ, our Tech Genius........

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Get moving this weekend! You may know that Taj’s favorite sport is parkour, but she also heads to the gym to train with some rock climbing. It’s an awesome way to stay active and stay healthy, while spending time with friends.

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The Curie Society is Here!

The Curie Society is Here!

Read the adventures of Simone, Maya and Taj in this science fueled, action-packed graphic novel today!

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The Curie Society Educator Guide

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