The Curie Society is Ready for their Mission

“Simone, Maya, and Taj return in this fast-paced sequel to The Curie Society. The mystery seamlessly integrates scientific explanations into a STEM-based adventure you can’t put down!” — Christine Taylor-Butler, author of The Lost Tribes and Save the…Tigers

“It was a delight to join the young women of the Curie Society on another thrilling adventure as they use science and teamwork to solve problems and protect the world.” — Shohini Ghose, quantum physicist; author of Her Space, Her Time

“Teens to adults can experience the thrill of science through this lively futuristic adventure story. The book beautifully highlights contemporary projects of female scientists committed to a socially responsible and equitable world!” — Jane Margolis, co-author of Power On!

The plucky young scientist heroes of The Curie Society go toe-to-toe with a powerful and sinister threat in a globe-spanning scientific adventure on the cutting edge of advanced biotech.

Our heroic teen science prodigies are back for a new mission with the Curie Society, an elite secret organization where brilliant women can pursue the furthest reaches of their intellect, and this time they face a threat more serious and more sinister than anything they’ve encountered before!

Maya, Taj, and Simone are supposed to be spending their summer broadening their horizons, but their plans take a strange and puzzling turn when the Curie Society’s original chapter, at the Sorbonne in Paris, calls on them for help. Daksha, a Society alumna, is promoting cutting-edge science and technology startups at a showcase event, but someone has threatened to stop her and the proceedings. When Daksha is poisoned, the team swings into action to investigate.

Along with new friends from the Paris chapter of the Curie Society, the team is thrown into a globe-spanning quest and a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a shadowy villain intent on controlling the world’s wealth through advanced biotech. The Curie Society will need all their specialized science skills to stop this scheme before it’s too late!

Join the recruits and pre-order The Curie Society: Eris Eternal – available in bookstores March 26, 2024.