Discover Your Hero Story

When we started EEP, we didn’t want to see more stories from the same mold everyone’s used to, but instead invite female-forward, LGBTQ+, and underserved youth audiences into a universe created just for you. 

EEP lead characters are pioneering young women from diverse backgrounds who save the day with their brilliance, talent, and knack for perseverance against all odds — heroes in every sense. And EEP stories are found in unexpected places like scripted podcasts and digital comics. EEP Universe is exciting, inspiring, representative, and unlike anything else in heroic fiction; a home for the stories we need but haven’t seen yet. 

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LETHAL LIT: A TIG TORRES MYSTERY was the first scripted podcast for teens, starring a Latina teen detective whose determination, book smarts, and observational skill clears her family name, catches a killer, and puts her in a spotlight that’s further explored in Season 2 and a tie-in novel series from Scholastic. 

Our full-cast audio adventures with immersive sound design continued with the political thriller DAUGHTERS OF DC, the dreamlike horror story SEE YOU IN YOUR NIGHTMARES, and the time travel comedy NICKI FIX’S TIME MIX, all complete and streaming now on your favorite podcast platform. 

EEP started as a comics-making studio and our creators are pulled from the world of comics and graphic novels, so we were especially proud of our young adult graphic novel series THE CURIE SOCIETY published by MIT Press! It’s steeped in real-world science, secret societies, and action-packed missions around the world to stop bad guys, with an all-female team of young hero scientists. 

We also partner with WEBTOON and Tapas on the webcomics HOUSE OF SLAY, featuring real-world fashion icons who fight against bigotry and hate, and FREE HEXEL, a sci-fi series starring a dimension-hopping pop star with an original soundtrack and music video collection. There’s so much more to come from EEP Universe and we can’t wait to share our next stories with you.