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Welcome to Lutwidge Wellness Center for Sleep Disorders — where nightmares come to life. Harper Hart has been plagued by unrelenting insomnia ever since her twin sister, Callie, was mysteriously found dead. She turns to Dr. Faith Carter and her team for an experimental treatment program using Blossom, a cutting-edge AI, but things quickly spiral out of control. There’s something evil stalking the Lutwidge’s residents in their dreams, and Harper will have to overcome her deepest fears to make it out alive.

Dive into the nightmare in this original YA scripted horror podcast by the team that brought you Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery and Daughters of DC – Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio.


Subject History: New York resident; onset of PTSD symptoms upon death of twin sister Callie approx. 1 year ago. Symptoms (persisting since triggering event) include insomnia, nightmares and night terrors. Secondary symptoms following the above insomnia include auditory and visual hallucinations. Subject describes recurring nightmare of a long hallway with multiple incarnations of her deceased twin tormenting her. Recommended for Blossom V-2 therapy.

Subject History: Sleep paralysis, but curiously without adjacent disorders of narcolepsy or sleep apnea present. Intruder hallucination: Subject describes paralyzing fear, an alien presence, and being frozen in place. Subject also suffers from paranoia, affecting quality of sleep. Onset of symptoms is unclear, but has appeared to worsen over time until admittance to The Lutwidge Wellness Center. Sleep disturbance episodes are now decreasing in length and severity. Recommend initial course of treatment focused on moving extremities to break paralysis.

Subject History: Struggles with severe and persistent insomnia. Addiction to tobacco products; upon patient admittance prescribed treatment of nicotine gum. When Subject is asleep, she describes recurring nightmares of a figure she calls “The Smiling Man” –a tormenting presence that appears to damage her psyche while awake. Subject is aggressive, combative, and resistant to treatment. Recommend Blossom V-2 treatment, indigotherapy and additional one-on-one therapy sessions.

Subject History: Subject is suffering from ongoing stress and anxiety affecting sleep; onset due to academic and family pressures. Subject describes nightmares as a quinceañera in which she is consumed by her guests. Also describes speaking in rhyme during dreams. Subject exhibits maladaptive perfectionist tendencies, including associated depression. Highly intelligent and skilled at masking her pathologies in social situations. Subject is showing some promise and improvement with Blossom V-2 technology.

Subject History: Subject is an athlete, outward signs in peak health. However, he exhibits sleep disturbances and nightmares: he describes a high school football game in which he is consumed by wolves. Recommend Blossom V-2 treatment. As this is a relatively new patient, further assessment necessary to design complete treatment regimen.


Dr. Faith Carter founded the Lutwidge Wellness Center for Sleep in 2019, after receiving grant funding to expand her private practice and scale the proprietary AI (“Blossom”) technology necessary for the program. By running this unique AI while patients sleep, the program transmutes a patient’s dreams through Computed Tomography and High Frequency synthesizers (EVP) in order to elevate subconscious experiences into tangible data, further advancing Dr. Carter’s expert psychiatric assessments. Essentially, the Dream Program at Lutwidge Wellness Center is a healing program like no other.

The Lutwidge Wellness Center is not only a place of healing but of learning: we are proud to introduce our Associate and doctoral candidate, Finn Warin. His own studies with sleep and its effects on the human psyche overlap with Dr. Carter’s, and his dedication and skills are a welcome addition to our team.

Dr. Faith Carter’s proprietary AI system is a promise for the future. It’s main goal is to deregulate dysfunctional behavioral systems white the subject is asleep, along with capturing and recording gamma waves through Computed Tomography and High Frequency synthesizers (EVP), translating this into tangible data. But in addition to these tasks, Blossom is an adaptive AI that learns daily tasks and routines: dispensing food, monitoring vital signs, and creates a calming atmosphere conducive to sleep. Blossom: grow with me.


Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio Present: See You In Your Nightmares

Created and Executive Produced by Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni

Executive Produced by: iHeartRadio

Head Writer: Ren Dara Santiago
Writers: Lynn Bixenspan, Kayla Brooks, Morgan Pielli, and Adam Staffaroni

Directed by Jordana Williams

With Performances By:
Rachel Oremland as Harper Hart
Obi Abili as Alfie
Phil Buckman as Finn
Amber Lee Connors as Callie
Giselle Fernandez as Esme
Judy Alice Lee as Julia
Robert Leng as The Smiling Man & The Caretaker/Kai
Marwan Salama as Chris
With Stephanie Willing as Blossom
And Keri Tombazian as Dr. Faith Carter
Additional Voices: Gayle Artino, Maxwell Siegel and Shannon Perdue

Post Sound & Music by : Chapter Four
Sound Supervision and Sound Design by: Sarah Gibble-Laska
Music by: Karim Douaidy

Produced by: Aroop Sanakkayala
Development Executive: Greg Lockard
Development Writer: Genevieve Valentine
Production Manager: Gayle Artino
Production Coordinator & Script Supervisor: Laura Martin
Operations: Laura Kaufmann
Marketing & Publicity: Jesse Post
Digital Marketing: Jennifer Gennaro

Creative Direction and Design by Ryan McCann
Key Art & Promotional Art illustrated by Yejin Park

Special Thank You To The Shadow Unicorn

Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio Present: See You In Your Nightmares

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Have you listened to EEP’s hit podcast See You In Your Nightmares yet? In this scripted horror thriller, Harper faces the loss of her beloved sister, Callie, and a tremendous evil lurking inside the Lutwidge Sleep Center. She and her fellow patients must face their deepest fears to discover what's happening at Lutwidge and uncover old secrets that maybe should stay buried.

Does Harper survive? Does she know everything there is to know about her beloved sister Callie's death?

Available on @iheartpodcast and @apple.podcasts.

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Beauty sleep? Who needs it! Dark circles from sleepless nights are much more our style.... Listen in to See You In Your Nightmares available on @iheartpodcast and @applepodcast to get the lewk…

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Do creepy crawlies crawl their way into your nightmares? Bring your fears to life with the See You in Your Nightmares podcast available on iheart Podcast and Apple podcast. #scary #podcast #listening ...

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Have you ever woken up from a nightmare you swore was real? Our dreams hold hidden messages that are hard to interpret when we're awake. For example: falling! This is one of the most common nightmares. It’s our mind subconsciously telling us that we are losing control over an important event or life goal. It’s weird what truly haunts us when we close our eyes. What do you have nightmares about?
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Vote for "See You in Your Nightmares" in the Audio Verse Awards 2021. Voting ends on January 1st, 2022. #podcast #horrorpodcast

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Binge listen to episodes 1 to 12 available now! #listen #podcasts #horrorpodcast ...

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Binge listen to "See You In Your Nightmares" a new horror scripted podcast. All 12 episodes available now, so put your feet up and sweet dreams as you dive deep into the nightmares of Harper Hart. #dontcloseyoureyes #nightmares #horrorpodcast ...

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Season finale aired today, make sure to tune in and see how all the nightmares merged into one puzzle piece.

Podcast can be listened on @iheartpodcasts and @applepodcasts

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I need to wake up, I need to wake up. No more nightmares, no more dreams... I need to go back to the living before it's too late.

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Everything comes fluttering back. The memories are like a tide; will we drown, or are we powerful enough for us to escape this prison?

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The team and I are plotting our escape from the horrid place, but Dr. Carter is always one step ahead of us…

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Relax, Unwind....Just Don't Try to Escape

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I can't escape this prison; I'm locked in the dream world with no way out. What if I really never leave here... and how do I tell my loved ones I'm sorry for everything?

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See You In Your Nightmares: Swirling Nightmares Mug

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We can’t let the monster win this game. Are me and my friends making the right choice?

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"With You I'm The Only Me" -- Digging around in Julia's repressed memories dredges up a haunting dedication to her lost love. Check out this song in Episode 7 - Lucid Leapers. Special shout out Judy Alice Lee! ...

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Happy Halloween Insomniacs! Listen to See You In Your Nightmares, if you want a real fright this cold October night!

Podcast can be found on @iheartpodcasts and @applepodcasts

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