Curie Fan Reviews

The Curie Society is the graphic novel I wish I had when I was little! - Cass via

THIS is why we created the Curie Society.

We’re so thrilled that readers are enjoying EEP’s new graphic novel about women, spies, and science. It’s the book we wanted when we were young, too!

This book is full of smart girls doing badass things, and I am here for it! - Kaytina via Amazon

Top YA / Sci-Fi Graphic Novel on Amazon Kindle!

Thanks to all your support,  The Curie Society is the #1 new release in YA Science Fiction Graphic Novels on Kindle – and we are HERE FOR IT.

This graphic novel was so fun! - Rachel via

The Curie Society @ Comic Con!

The Curie Society just released an educational panel on Comic-Con International! Tune in for behind-the-scenes view of The Curie Society, with moderator Nadja Oertelt (Massive Science) in conversation with panelists Joy Barnes-Johnson (Science Educator), Kasia Chmielinski (Science Advisor), and Janet Harvey (Author, The Curie Society). Take a look and watch below!

Join the Society and grab your own copy today!

Need to get your hands on the graphic novel that everyone is excited about? We got you! Jump here to see all your buying options – we suggest supporting your local bookstore!

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