90s Rewind with Nicki Fix

Turn back the clock with a totally epic sci-fi audio adventure as episode 1 and 2 of Nicki Fix’s
Time Mix
premieres today!

If you had a chance to change the past and create the future you’ve always dreamed
of would you? Nicki is obsessed with making it as a musician, performing every Friday night at
the only venue that will take her: the local roller rink in her hometown of Old Bridge, New Jersey.
But when the rink gets sold, Nicki and her friends Bobbie and Liam get transported back in time
to the ‘90s, where they’ll have one shot to save the rink. But when given the choice, will Nicki
save the rink, or take her own shot at musical fame and fortune?

Nicki is all about the music, so you can keep the 90s rewind going with her themed playlist.
These songs might just give you a peek into how Nicki’s story unfolds.

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