Celebrating the Wonder in the Women of EEP

EEP was founded with a mission of inclusivity and representation. As a women-led company, showcasing the strength, brilliance and value of women is inherent in everything we do. Check out our inspiring roster of stories which embody strong female characters.

Lethal Lit

First up is Tig Torres: strong, independent, and brave true crime podcaster with a knack for solving real-world murders. Whether in New York or in her hometown of Hollow Falls, she brings her intelligence, curiosity and resourcefulness to her adventurous endeavors in search of the truth. This Women’s History Month we can take a page from Tig’s book to instigate change and always search for the truth…

Tig is brought to life by the voice acting skills of Rebecca Soler. Before you dive into the latest Season of Lethal Lit, be sure to catch up on Tig’s journey to solve the mystery of the Murder of Crows, penned by K. Ancrum.

Check out the Lethal Lit podcast here!

The Curie Society

In 1903 Marie Curie broke the glass ceiling letting the light through for other brilliant scientifically minded women to shine. EEP created The Curie Society in that same mindset. When Maya, Taj, and Simone are faced against a mysterious rogue network intent on misusing technology, they must use their complementary skills and specialized scientific knowledge to protect The Curie Society and save the world. Whether it’s Simone with her energy and quick thinking, Maya with her razor sharp intellect and strong drive, or Taj with her creative and rebellious innovative solutions, we can all emulate and epitomize these strong women in our everyday lives. 
The stories of the society are inked by the one and only Sonia Liao, and colored by Johanna Taylor. Be sure to check out some of their other artworks! Likewise, all of the science of The Curie Society was informed by the real-life studies of a scientific panel of working female scientists, including Britt Wray, Dr. Ritu Raman, and more!

Check out Curie Society  Here!

Daughters of DC

When a global conspiracy threatens to expose DC’s most influential families, best friends Peyton, Natalie, and Celia must use their best judgment to uncover the mysterious figure that is responsible. As they dive further into the conspiracy they begin a long grueling journey to becoming their best selves. Natalie uses her rebelliously bold, impulsive, and outspoken personality to make her voice heard, Peyton questions the traditional expectations surrounding the role of women in her family as she learns that she’s got a mind of her own, and Celia strives to stand on her own two feet and questions if she can truly make it on her own. No matter what challenges we face in our lives it’s important to use our strengths as women to grow, rise through adversity, and become the best versions of ourselves. 

Daughters of DC is written by our head writer Sasha Stewart and our tech savvy main character Jaymes is voiced by the talented Kimberly Woods.

Check out the Daughters of DC podcast here!

The House of Slay

In truly heroic fashion, the members of the House of Slay take on racism, hatred, bullying and fear of the “other”. House of Slay is a place for everyone—an inclusive space representing not only the AAPI heritage of its founders, but underrepresented voices from all walks of life. Five prominent members of the New York fashion world—Phillip Lim, Prabal Gurung, Laura Kim, Tina Leung, and Ezra William—are granted incredible powers by a mysterious Phoenix deity. Together, these friends and heroes use their newfound powers to promote love and hope for humankind. Lets ask ourselves this Women’s History month, how can we reflect the values of the House of Slay and speak up about women’s issues and other underrepresented voices?

Soo Lee our interior artist and Kimi Lee our colorist showcase their artistic skills to bring color and life to the masterpiece that is the House of Slay. 

Check out The House of Slay here!

Free Hexel

A high school band finds their new lead singer when they free a magical, musically-powered girl from an interdimensional portal. Now, in a world ruled by the Volume Prime Corporation, they must fight their way to the top of the Volume Prime battle-of-the-bands league to bring their message of freedom and individuality to the world. How will you send your message of freedom and individuality this Women’s History month? 

Caroline Leigh Layne is a great example as she uses her unique art style in Free Hexel to illuminate her individuality.

Check out the Free Hexel here!

See You in Your Nightmares

Harper Hart has been plagued by unrelenting insomnia ever since her twin sister, Callie, was mysteriously found dead. She turns to Dr. Faith Carter at the Lutwidge Wellness Center and her team for an experimental treatment program using Blossom, a cutting-edge AI, but things quickly spiral out of control. There’s something evil stalking the Lutwidge’s residents in their dreams, and Harper will have to overcome her deepest fears to make it out alive. Harper exhibits strength and resilience as she works to overcome her fears. This women’s History month, we must ask ourselves, how can we show strength and resilience in the presence of fear? 

Did See you in Your Nightmares give you chills? That was made possible by the perspective brought by our head writer Ren Dara Santiago and the passion of our director Jordana Williams.

Media often creates narratives that define the perspectives of a generation and largely in the history of media, women have been underrated and misrepresented. We live in an era where we can give voices and paint pictures whether it’s with a paint brush or a pen to share the unique perspectives of diverse groups of people. Stories and the characters in them hold power. When one sees themselves represented then they can then tap into the power that lies within them. EEP is one of many candles in a sea of darkness illuminating the way to equality, not just for women, but for other marginalized, misrepresented, or underrated groups of people. Beyond women’s history month, we will continue to create characters to inspire and motivate because everyone deserves to see the power within themselves through representation.