EEP Celebrates Pride Month

EEP’s mission of inclusion and representation in media means that creating heroic characters from every walk of life is in our DNA. We’re so proud to bring to life fearless, smart, engaging characters who show up as their authentic selves. This Pride Month, we’re celebrating some of our most notable characters across our podcasts and publishing projects. 

Our scripted horror podcast See You In Your Nightmares features Julia, a restless soul, who tries to come to grips with the daily reminder of her long-lost love. What happened to her and why does she react so strongly to Harper Hart?

A key moment in the series is in Episode 7 – Lucid Leapers, is her haunting song, “With You, I’m The Only Me”, which comes to the surface after being repressed in Julia’s memories. The song serves as a haunting dedication to Julia’s bond with her true love. 

You can listen to See You in Your Nightmares podcast on EEP Universe’s network on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

EEP’s trilogy, Lethal Lit, represents multiple LGBTQIA+ characters throughout the story’s journey. Our mystery podcast and novels spotlight many aspects of characters exploring their identities. Max is a little sassy, but is the heart of his friend group. In season 2, we watch him explore a budding relationship and reconcile his feelings of belonging and trust. As for Tig… exploring her feelings between Oly and Wyn is an honest and real portrayal of the experiences so many teens have on their paths to self-discovery.

Lethal Lit’s debut novel, Murder of Crows by K. Ancrum, was featured on LGBTQ reads! Check out the full article here.

You can binge seasons 1&2 of Lethal Lit on EEP Universe’s network on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Purchase your copy of Lethal Lit: Murder of Crows here – and check out our audio book, voiced by the actress portraying Tig Torres in our podcasts – Rebecca Soler! 

EEP’s multi-media and hit k-pop music project, FREE HEXEL, features Mac, who is a star athlete and a newcomer to the music scene. He daydreams of being a glam rock super god but is afraid his family and jock friends won’t understand his new musical obsession. He could be a megastar if he just listened to his heart and got out of his head. Mac gradually learns to be authentic to himself and confident about coming out to his friends and family. 

Check out FREE HEXEL on Webtoons and listen to our bops on Youtube!

The Curie Society, our debut graphic novel with MIT Press, was developed not only to inspire young women to explore STEM opportunities, but to embrace their whole selves in the process. Maya is passionate about applied mathematics and is accepted into society for her brilliant mind and highly competitive spirit.

At Edmonds University, Maya begins to see a world outside the elite bubble she was raised in. And through this new exploration meets a fellow student, Chelsea, whose impressive knowledge of industrial design and kindhearted nature draws Maya in. To outsiders, Maya and Chelsea are an unexpected pair. 

Pick up your copy of The Curie Society wherever books are sold!

Last but not least is Daughters of DC, our political thriller podcast, where the story goes beyond discovering a massive conspiracy that threatens to expose some of DC’s most influential people. Celia, the Queen Bee and social media influencer behind #RichKidsofInstagram, has been taught by her super successful parents to always look for a path to success, no matter whom she must step on to get there. As Celia begins to push back against her parents’ strict rules and high expectations, she begins to explore a budding relationship in secret with Mckenzie.

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EEP wishes you a happy pride! We celebrate pride year-round by creating beloved and aspirational characters in every project we develop. We salute all who fight for justice and acceptance, and those who fight for increased representation in media. In the EEP Universe, everyone is welcome, accepted, celebrated, encouraged, respected, and loved.