EEP Supports the Next Generation of Artists

It’s National Volunteer Week!  EEP is always mindful of the importance of community outreach and how we can make a difference . Engaging with the next generation of creative minds helps ensure sustainable change through exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and offering advice. This type of education gives a realistic and humanistic perspective into creative careers to inspire the next generation of artists. Since outreach is a part of EEP’s goals, we work to help aspiring artists in creative fields through giving career advice and passing on knowledge about the dynamic nature of the industry. Check out how EEP has been mentoring future creative leaders throughout the year. 

EEP began its outreach journey at SCAD. Savannah College of Art and Design hosted a virtual career fair event open to alumni, students, and employers. On behalf of EEP, Laura Martin attended the day-long event to interview talented artists, animators, and graphic designers where she provided career and publishing advice to young creative professionals.  

CCS is close to the heart of EEP since two of our key team members are alumni! Center of Cartoon Studies is a two-year course of study that centers around the dissemination of visual narratives such as comics and graphic novels. In February, CCS created and hosted an Industry day where professionals such as publishers, editors, designers, and critics country-wide reviewed student projects and shared passions. EEP Co-Founder and CCO Adam Staffaroni represented our company at this event and provided young cartoonists with career and publishing advice. Having attended the school in the past, he offered a unique perspective on the reality of being a cartoonist in the creative industry. 

In February of this year, EEP partnered with the Field School’s internship program to provide an immersive learning experience at EEP. EEP’s Field School intern, Arielle, gained knowledge through practical skills such as social media management, marketing research, and content creation. Arielle shared a final presentation on media and consumer trends of our core audience, teens 13-18 that provided insight on what genres and themes EEP may explore in the future to resonate with our audience. We look forward to continuing to host Field School students!

All these institutions embody EEPs mission, culture, and values, and aim to create change in the world using art as a tool. Just like EEP, they strive to create an inclusive environment and commit to making a worthy contribution to the world. These events act as vehicles to bring professionals and students together to navigate entry into the professional creative industry. As we celebrate National Volunteer Month, how are you planning to give back and make an impact?