Find your anthem this summer with EEP’s playlists.

EEP’s stories and characters inspire hope and courage to stand up for what’s right and fair for all people – not just a select few. It’s a message that’s more important now than ever, with so many of our human rights at risk in the U.S. One thing we always come back to in our storytelling is that art, stories, and music play an important part in day-to-day life as well as action – it keeps us moving, gives us a break when we need it to recharge, and helps us to see what’s possible. This summer, here’s what’s motivating us to advocate for what we believe in, and fight back against oppression, fear, and hate. 

Katy Perry – Rise

In See You In Your Nightmares, Harper Hart has to face her deepest fears if she—or anyone else—wants to make it out of the Lutwidge Center alive. Her character is tested to the limit, but her resilience and bravery keep her fighting forward to uncover the truth.

Harper is empowered by her friends to keep fighting against the darkness before it consumes her. How can you rise up and resist outside forces that might try to keep you down?

Auli’i Cravalho – Live Your Story

Tig Torres’s determination and skills are put to the test in Lethal Lit. Using her investigative reporting skills and her fearlessness, she leads to charge in solving the string of murders happening in the small town of Hollowfalls. 

Tig is living her story by dreaming big and going beyond the limitations put in front of her. How are you living your story, and how do you want to influence the current chapters set in place?

Beyonce – I Was Here – 

In Daughters of D.C, we meet Jaymes Parker, the daughter of the first black woman voted Speaker of the House. Jaymes, a tech-savvy young coder, is faced with stepping up to be a leader, helping her friends take on the most powerful families of Washington D.C. Are they advocating for the people, or has corruption influenced their actions? 

Jaymes’s strong moral compass motivates her to stand up against lies and prevent powerful people from advancing their damaging agendas. She uses her coding talents to make the world better for everyone.  How will you leverage your special talents and leave your own mark? 

Free Hexel – Finally Free – 

Hexel, from Free Hexel is from an interdimensional portal. Now, in a world ruled by the secretive Prime Corporation, they must fight to the top of the Volume Prime battle-of-the-bands league to bring their message of freedom and individuality to the world. 

Hexel uses her music to kick down walls to help spread the love of freedom and individuality. Do you feel free? What tools can you tap into to fight for your freedom?

This Girl is on Fire – Alicia Keys 

The Curie Society gathers a group of brilliant young women scientists together to advance their research and fight against those who wish to use science for the wrong reasons. Their brilliant minds, teamwork, and passion for their fields sends a message to any young woman that a career in STEM is possible.

The Curie Society team is pushing past the limitations put on them by a patriarchal culture. What fire is burning in you that you won’t turndown?

We hope these songs inspire you to step up this summer!. If you ever need inspiration,  visit one of our worlds for a while and we’ll take on the challenges together!