EEP’s Gen-Z Heroes List 

Our mission is to bring to life stories that speak to a new generation of fans. We aspire to create heroic characters that look like you and your friends. Much like our heroes on the page or in your headphones, these Gen-Z changemakers inspire us to always stand up for our friends and community. 

Much like these real-life heroes, you can discover more brave teens standing up for their beliefs across the EEP Universe, like the intelligent scientists of The Curie Society, the curious journalists of Lethal Lit, and the tech-savvy Daughters of DC who expose a global conspiracy. Explore their stories and more

Olivia Julianna is an activist that is working to empower her peers to create true legislative change. As an abortion-rights advocate and political strategist for Gen Z for Change, Olivia was instrumental in getting out the youth vote in the recent midterms and raising over $2 million in donations to abortion funds across the country. 

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Zyahna Bryant created historic change when at 15 years old she petitioned her local city council to remove the Robert E. Lee monument in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her voice sparked a national conversation about the complicity of cities and states that continue to uplift Confederate symbols and why their lasting presence is hurtful to Black Americans.  

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Clifton Kinnie is from Ferguson, Missouri and following the murder of Michael Brown he assisted in mobilizing fellow teenagers to stand up for themselves and their community. He organized Our Destiny STL, which connected 30 schools in the area to help register young voters and conduct a mass school walkout.  

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Taylor Cassidy is a digital creator who uses her social media to create Black and LGBTQIA history lessons that are infused with joy. She shines a spotlight on unsung Black historical figures. 

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Cailey Stewart is breaking barriers for Black women in aerospace. Did you know there are fewer than 150 Black women pilots in the U.S.? As an aspiring pilot, Cailey first flew a plane by herself at 16 years old, and was recently gifted $50,000 by Boeing for flight school. 

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Amika George launches a Free Periods campaign that aims to end period poverty. Through protests and an online petition, Amika successfully saw the UK government declare free menstrual products for all secondary schools and colleges in England.  

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The Never Again Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas 

This incredible class, including X Gonzalez, Jaclyn Corin, David Hogg, Cameron Kasky and Nick Joseph, among others have continued to advocate for gun control and safety measures through the March for Our Lives movement as well as through additional causes and political reform. 

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These are just some of the outstanding activists who are already leaving their mark on history. We agree with the moniker that Gen Z is the ChangeMaker Generation. ​​​​​​​