Curie Society Merch!

The Curie Society is here, and it's time to show your science swag! Check out some of our top picks for secret society apparel, stickers, and more!

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Curie Fan Reviews

THIS is why we created the Curie Society.We're so thrilled that readers are enjoying EEP's new graphic novel about women,...

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iHeartRadio Creator Mondays with Heather Einhorn

Join EEP-Co founder and podcast aficionado (Executive Producer of Lethal Lit, Daughters of DC, and See You in Your Nightmares)Heather Einhorn in conversation with iHeart Radio for their Creator Mondays feature.

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Curie Society

The Curie Society is now available! Be first in line to dig into our graphic novel that Pia Guerra calls “a refreshing and empowering read” when it’s released this spring!


Revisit Lethal Lit Season 1

Travel back to Hollow Falls and revisit the first season of Lethal Lit.

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