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As an entertainment creative house, Einhorn’s Epic Productions (EEP) builds, owns, and manages heroic franchise IP for underserved (female/diverse) gen-z & millennial fandoms.

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DODC x Rock The Vote

The election is not just on November 3rd, it's happening now. Your voice is powerful, and Daughters of DC &...

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Free Hexel - Show My Light (Official Music Video) & Webtoons Launch!

Free Hexel's first official music video "Show My Light" now available on YouTube! Free Hexel has also launched Episode 1:...

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DoDC x Rock The Vote

Being daughters of veteran Washington elite, we truly understand the power behind elections.  The Daughters of DC have partnered with...

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Daughters of DC

When young hacktivist Jaymes Parker uncovers a hidden plot within Washington DC’s most elite circles, she and her friends fall...

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Free Hexel

She’s been lost for so long, but now she’s here to rock your world and unite us all. FREE HEXEL...

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Curie Society

The future of science will never be the same! Stay tuned for the amazing debut of THE CURIE SOCIETY, a...

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About Einhorn's Epic Productions

As an entertainment creative house, Einhorn’s Epic Productions builds heroic franchise IP for today’s ever-changing media marketplace. Focusing on underserved fandoms, EEP creates story IP to live in both traditional and non-traditional platforms like television, podcasts, graphic novels, film, immersive experiences, digital content, and more.

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